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Ustanol penetrating oil 200 ml spray can

The neutral oil and penetrating oil Ustanol protects effectively from corrosion and is reliable for precision mechanics. The 200 ml spray can contains additionally compressed air as propellant

The most important properties of Ustanol neutral oil and penetrating oil at a glance:

  • Protects against rust
  • lubricates and loosens
  • For cleaning of surfaces
  • preserves all metals
  • Best creep oil
  • Environmentally friendly
  • neutral oil with a pleasant odor.

Ustanol neutral oil and penetrating oil has a very low viscosity and an equally low surface tension so that this very low-viscosity oil is enormous creep active and adheres strongly to metals. Ustanol neutral oil is suitable for maintenance, lubricating, and conservation of precise mechanical apparatus, precision instruments, machines and manufacturing equipment, tools, as well as workshop machines, any metal parts. If applied to metals, Ustanol penetrating oil is reliable to creep under water and by its low surface tension it is able to protect even the most inaccessible spot from rust. Ustanol is also proved as an excellent contact oil and it is resistant to aging and does not resinify. Ustanol creep oil guarantees the reliable operation from -50 ° C to 150 ° C, is free of solvents.