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PTFE Spray better known as Teflon™ spray for dry lubrication and as an anti adhesive medium

PTFE Spray is a lubricant and anti adhesive medium for hygienically dry lubrication. For permanent lubricating for all materials like metal, plastics, wood, rubber etc. PTFE Spray is a nature sparing alternative to other lubricants like oil or silicone.

PTFE Spray is what you need and use if you want to provide short- or long-term lubrication and extra-smooth gliding activity and if hands dirty with oil are out of the question. The PTFE-particles will adhere to the surface even if there are microscopically tiny fissures and will secure gliding activity without a hitch. Successfully approved with small and large surfaces as well as for drastically reduce of friction and adhesion. Typical fields of use are trolleys, guide ways, cable winches, telescope guides as for instance car antennas, gearings, gearwheels and bearings made of all kinds of synthetic materials

The PTFE additive is known worldwide as “Teflon™”. This is a registered trademark of the US DuPont company which is prohibited to use without authorization.

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