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Weapons parts cleaner

The Weapon Parts Cleaner has been designed with over 110 years of experience in gun maintenance and weapon cleaning. It cleans all surfaces thoroughly, quickly and even so gentle for materials. Last but not least, the sturdy nylon brushes of the plug-in brush ensure this. So even stubborn dirt on surfaces and guides can be removed gently. Another highlight is the high pressure with which the cleaner is driven out of the container. Therefore the Weapons Parts Cleaner unfold its full effectiveness even in hard to reach places and simply rinse off dirt. In addition it comes along with Citrus Power and a very pleasant scent. Like all degreasers from Ballistol, the weapon parts cleaner also flies away without any residue.

All features of the weapon parts cleaner at a glance

  • High material compatibility
  • Cleans hard to reach places with high pressure
  • Brush with sturdy nylon bristles to remove stubborn dirt
  • Suitable for all weapon parts
  • Pleasant smell
  • Ventilates without residue
  • acetone free

Content 250 ml spray